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This is a work in progress. We're striving to create a continually growing and expanding music and gear related resource that will continue to grow and expand as we continue to expand upon in. Watch it grow!

Stomp Stuff
Here’s a list of stompbox related websites you can visit:

Analog Man
This, of course, is the first place you should visit.

For Musicians Only YouTube Channel
This is where we'll be posting vintage effects pedal demo videos and other fun stuff!

The Unofficial Home of Loco Box
Web Designer/graphic artist Jaimie Muehlhausen made this website dedicated to the very obscure (but cool) Japanese brand of effects. Jaimie also designed the groovy looking For Musicians Only logo.

Japanese Vintage BIZARRE Effect Site
Hosted by my collector friend, TIX.

I Paint Pedals
Hannah Haugberg is a painter for Z Vex Effects. Check out her pedal blog.

Disco Freq’s FX Site
Really cool site originally dedicated to envelope filters and auto wahs… the funkier side of effects.

Altered Sounds
A whole website dedicated to stomp effects. How cool is that?

Mode Zero
This site focuses on modulation type effects – mostly phasers and flangers. Lots of pictures and sound samples.

A/DA Depot
Everything you want to know about A/DA gear.

The Unofficial Tel-Ray Page
A website dedicated to Tel-Ray oilcan delays.

Binson Echorec Homepage
The Rolls Royce of tape delays.

My Favorite Weird Music Links

Ken's Virtual Drumkit
Go ahead, have a bash...

Sheeps Get Their Groove On
Um, yeah...

Rock Star Name Generator
Find just the right moniker for your stage persona with the Rock Star Name Generator

Prog Rock band Name Generator
While you’re at it, find out what your Prog Rock band name is with the Prog Rock band Name Generator.

Rick Wakeman's Keyboards
Speaking of Prog Rock, check out these highly detailed miniature models this guy made of Rick Wakeman’s keyboards.

"The Melloman"
More Prog Rock influences – check out this “Mellotron” made of Walkmen.

Guitar Shred Show
Hosted by Mr. Fastfinger

Keyboard Wizard
If you liked that last one, check this one out.

Meedley Meedley!
You think it's funny, I've met people like this.

The Popcorn Song
A whole website about Gershon Kingsley’s 1972 instrumental dance classic, made famous by the group “Hot Butter.”


Our Vendors
Here are the websites of the brands I'm pleased to be carrying:

Trailer Trash Pedalboards

Moog Music

Red Witch Analog Pedals


Foxx Pedals

DR Strings


Boutique Effects
Here are some of my favorite boutique pedal brands:

Foxrox Electronics

Z Vex Effects

Prophecy Sound

Hermida Audio



Harmony Central

The Gear Page

Analog Mike’s Vintage Guitar Effects Forum



Premier Guitar
Check out the Stomp School column I write with Analog Mike for Premier Guitar

Tone Quest Report

Vintage Guitar

20th Century Guitar


I’m currently in the process of assembling a network of skilled local technicians that can handle repairs on vintage effects, keyboards, and other assorted electronic gizmos. If you have something that needs repair, or have an idea for some custom work, send us an email and we’ll see if we can do it. Or, I may be able to refer you to another qualified expert.
Howard Davis

You could also try contacting former Electro-Harmonix engineer Howard (Mick) Davis. Howard designed many all-time classic EHX effects, and is now available to do any and all effects repairs. If it’s analog and it’s broken, Howard can fix it.



DIY Effects
Do-It-Yourself effects building is the biggest growing trend in the effects scene. Scores of musicians are wielding soldering irons to see if they can build their own, personalized stompbox. If you want to get in on the action, here are some links to help.

DIY Parts & Supplies:

Small Bear Electronics
Steve Daniels is the unsung hero of today’s DIY effects scene. He has created an entire business dedicated to supplying parts to people who want to build their own effects. There’s a great interview with Steve (perhaps the first and only one) in Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects.

DIY Info:
Okay, so I wrote a book about effects. I guess that makes me the expert. But as far as what makes these things tick… well, I’m a musician, not an engineer. If you want that kind of info, I highly recommend the sites listed below.

R.G. Keen

DIY Stompboxes

Aron Nelson's DIY stompbox forum

Jack Orman

Mark Hammer


Miscellaneous Music Links That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else (.com)


Recording The Beatles
The most amazing gear book ever written, PERIOD! Makes my book look like Dr. Seuss.

The Prog Archives
Prog Rock, one of my guilty pleasures...

Jay’s Museum
Jay Wasco, an insanely talented musician that I've known since high-school.

Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut

Analog Synthesizers and Vintage Keyboards

Electric Piano Links

Rhodes Super Site

Hohner Clavinet Resource Homepage

Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

Simon’s Hall of Electric Pianos

The Electric Piano Board

Wurlitzer Online

Vintage Vibe

Organ Links

Hammond Organ info

The Hammond Store

Combo Organ Heaven

Mellotron Links


Streetly Electronics

Norm Leete's Mellotron Page


Synth Links

Vintage Synth Explorer

Moog Archives

Bob Moog

Rhodes Chroma

The Audities Foundation

A6 Andromeda Community Site

Korg Kornucopia

Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum

Synth Fool

Amps, Cabinets and Speakers

Fargen Guitar Amps & Amp Mods

The Amp Guide

Duncan’s Amp Pages

Weber Speakers

Avatar Speakers

Mercury Magnetics


Guitar Pickups

WCR Guitar Pickups

Lollar Pickups

Harmonic Design

Lindy Fralin Pickups

TV Jones

Joe Barden Engineering

Rio Grande Pickups

Van Zandt Pickups

DeTemple Guitars

Bare Knuckle Pickups


Wolf Tone Pickups

O.C. Duff Pickups


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